The YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

A Historic Force For Change

We have long been a pioneering voice in the fight for racial, economic, and gender equality. Established in 1905 to advocate for young women migrating to Pasadena and entering the workforce, the YWCA was soon addressing broader issues, rallying for women’s right to vote, and voicing concerns about California migrant farm workers’ appalling working and housing conditions. We supported child labor laws, established a racial integration plan in the 1910’s, started the nation’s first Big Sister program, and established the area’s first rape hotline in the 1970s.

Working for the Future of our Girls

In the Pasadena community today, our mission is carried out through our programs for low-income and minority communities in the area.  have a special emphasis on low-income, minority youth in the Northwest Pasadena/Altadena area.  Our girls’ empowerment programs – TechGyrls, Express Yourself!, Girls’ Empowerment Summer Camp, and our community outreach workshops – provide girls with opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics activities, giving them the tools they need to excel in school and prepare for higher education and careers.  The YWCA also partners with Villa Gardens to offer technology classes for senior citizens, which incorporate everything from introduction to using mobile devices, to learning how to communicate online, internet safety, social media, and online privacy.

Working toward a better Pasadena community

Our work is broader than just our programs, however. We don’t just want to improve the lives of our program participants. We work to create a community where everyone is respected and empowered. We collaborate with a wide variety of organizations to benefit the entire community including Collaborate PASadena, Planned Parenthood, AAUW, and OneCommunity.  Our various community events reach over 1,000 adults per year. Our annual Women for Racial Justice Breakfast in October honors those who are dedicated to equity, diversity, and justice. Our Talking the Talk series focuses on hot-button topics and brings the community together to discuss these issues and come up with solutions.