Girls Empowerment After-School Program

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Basic Information

Location:  (TEMPORARILY ON-LINE VIA Google Hangouts Meet)
Ages: 10-17
Dates:  9/16/2019  –  5/28/2020
Enrollment Period : Program has rolling enrollment, you may register at any time during the program.
Program Times : Monday – Thursday 3:00 pm-6:00 pm
Fee: Free


Girls in the YWCA Art and Science Studio sitting in a circle facing one girl during the YWCA Girls Empowerment After-School ProgramA Community of Young Women

YWCA’s Girls Empowerment After-School Program fosters an environment in which the participants may learn from each other and support each other through the trials of young adulthood.  The girls regularly engage in “Girls’ Circle” practice that spans the entire program which consists of coming together in a circle and making space for each girl to talk about how their day was. This can include what challenges they faced, what goals they accomplished, what they’re concerned about, or what they are excited about. The other girls are encouraged to ask respectful questions and offer advice. This sharing builds a bond between the girls and instills in them a crucial principle for young women: their experiences matter and their ideas are important.


Self Expression

(art and literature)

GEAP is comprised of two focuses: Express Yourself and TechGyrls. On Mondays and Wednesdays, this program helps the participants explore a variety of art media. From clay to screenprinting, linocuts to sketching, sewing to short stories, the girls become familiar with these artforms in order to give them the tools to express themselves in whatever method feels most comfortable. This furthers the work done with girls circle. Not only are they able to tell their stories amongst themselves, they are able to express themselves to the world their art and writing.


Exploring STEAM

(science, technology, engineering, art and math)

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, this program helps participants explore the world of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). They participate in hands on science experiments, design and print their own 3D designs on our 3D printer, practice their typing skills, code robots, and more to introduce them to fields of study so that they may become familiar with fields in which they are underrepresented and understand that they have the ability to create innovation and explore their passions.




Throughout the after-school program, girls have workshops facilitated by our programs staff and program partners  that delve into healthy relationships,  self-care, dealing with stress, and more.


Interest Form

If you would like to save a space in the program while you are filling out your registration form, please fill out our interest form

Interest Form


All participants must fill out a registration form (linked below) in order to attend the program. All households in the first three income levels as outlined in the CDBG guidelines on page 2 will be given Full Scholarships to the program.  Families with income levels above that will be subject to the fee schedule listed on page 10 of the registration form.




YWCA Girls Empowerment

YWCA Girls Volunteer making decorations for Villa Gardens Senior Living Facility

Girls participate in 3D Printing Workshop