“Raise Your Sights” Balloon Launch

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“Raise your Sights. See the Possibilities” will see the girls engage with Manitude.io engineers to launch a meter sized balloon on May 1st at 11am. This program is one that Magnitude.io has done with partner organizations such as UCLA’s Project Payload and Boyscouts and YWCA Pasadena is grateful to be able to be counted among them. The balloon has the potential to go into neighboring states or even all the way around the globe. While the launch takes only about an hour, the girls in the After-School program will be able to track the balloon’s position, temperature readings, and pressure readings over the days and weeks it takes to make its journey.

Girls may enroll in the Girls Empowerment After- School Program now to participate in Zoom calls with the engineers before and during the balloon launch. Engineers from around the world will be participating. Interested participants can go to the registration form below to register. Email Program Manager, Jomie Liu at jliu@ywca-pasadena.org for more information.



The general public will also be able to watch the balloon launch here at Magnitude.io’s Youtube Page  or on YWCA Pasadena’s facebook page  on May 1st at 11am.

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