Girls Empowerment After-School Update

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Girls Empowerment After-School Update

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Girls Empowerment Update 6-6

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Express Yourself

Since we last checked in the girls have learned more about pastel techniques from our Board Vice President, Amy Flynn, with a workshop on how to draw flowers. They further explored drawing techniques through a series of guided tutorials on how to draw well known characters. They also continued their volunteer work by making blankets with the residents at Villa Gardens Retirement Center to give to Foundation for Living Beauty for their clients. Lastly, they created several mixed media crafts including a Clay Flower plaque, home made stressballs, and cards for Mother’s Day.

Tech Gyrls

The girls continued their STEM studies in Techgyrls, spanning fields as diverse as food science, botany, biology, and chemistry.  They learned about chemical reactions by makign elephant toothpaste and home made playdough, learned about how plants grow by planting and raising their own flowers, and were introduced to the science of DNA by extracting the building blocks of life from bananas and other fruit. They also used their combined knowledge of tech and art to create a short video that they scripted, shot, and edited themselves. Lastly, they also learned some foods science through a workshop from Executive Director Jessica Kubel on how to make a key lime pie from scratch.